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Image of a god-like figure in the centre of a zodiacal clock in a church in Germany.

Finding Intelligent Astrology?

Are you still being short-changed by astrology? Or have you discovered what intelligent astrology can reveal? – about you, and those you care about, or even those who ‘push your buttons’? I would like to correct a misperception about Astrology, and, since I can’t speak for all astrologers out there, I’ll also reveal what astrology…

Image of some german architecture in northern Germany

Myths About Astrology

17 July 2011 Recently I′ve been thinking about the public perception of astrology and what “Joe Blow” really knows about astrology. Judging by some of the comments you hear or read about in the papers I′d have to say there is still a great deal of misinformation around. Sir Isaac Newton is reputed to have…

photo of the venus transit from June 2012

Transit of Venus

First photo of the transit of Venus for 2012, an event that will not be repeated in our lifetimes, taken at 9.45 am Melbourne time, June 6, 2012. Venus is the small dark spot over the face of the sun. The observation of this transit was one of the key scientific objectives in the 1760s.…

Why Astrology?

25 July 2011 Well, let’s make the question more interesting, put it into some sort of context. Why is the study of astrology worthwhile? No, that’s not a good enough question yet. The quality of our life is affected by the quality of our questions.

Gemini vs Gemini

5 July 2011 The battle for World No 1 – Men’s Tennis In another interesting Wimbledon Men’s Tennis Final on 3 July 2011, the number 1 and number 2 players in the world squared off to decide the winner of one of the top prizes on the annual Tennis circuit. In the process Novak Djokovic…

Synchronicity – an example

14 June 2011 Just now I was looking through some photos I had recently taken on my new iPad. One was a cut out page from The Age Good Weekend magazine, folded in half, laid on top of various random folders in my office, waiting for me to review some interesting comments in the article.

Dr Zhivago and Jung

6 June 2011 [Frith and I saw the stage production of Dr Zhivago recently, courtesy of her father. Thanks, Lew!] While Dr Zhivago is largely remembered as a love story, I feel there is a deeper story that speaks to all of us, beyond love stories, as monumentally significant as they can sometimes be.

Pluto in Capricorn Revisited

More Recent Observations June 1, 2010 If you missed last year’s articles on Pluto’s transit into Capricorn, you may still be trying to make sense of some of the major events of this last year. In my previous article Signs of the Times: Pluto in Capricorn (part 1) from July 2009, I noted: ‘Pluto’s journey through this…

Pluto in Capricorn

Signs of the Times Let me begin this article with some predictions on the longest-lasting astrological development of 2008-09, namely Pluto’s move into the sign of Capricorn. After spending 140 days in this sign from 26 January 2008 to 14 June 2008, Pluto then returned to Sagittarius until 27 November 2008. From its first brief visit early in…