About Us

Frith LutonWelcome to AstroInsight in Glen Iris, Melbourne, Australia where we specialise in Horoscope Reading, Astrological Compatibility and presenting resources to help you Learn Astrology.

Located in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we have been offering face-to-face astrology readings for over 20 years. Subsequently, in more recent years, computers, the internet, Skype and Zoom have given clients outside Melbourne easier access to us. Especially since the social-distancing health protocols due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Some history: Frith and Rainer met while studying at the Chiron Centre back in the early 1990s. Then, after graduating they formed AstroInsight in January 1999.

Our mission is to work with individuals to enhance their psychological self-understanding through the insights revealed by their personal Horoscope.

We have found that this leads to more self-aware choices in life when dealing with the complexity of decisions we all face from time to time. This is like developing an innate wisdom about what works for us – on a holistic level.

Our main way of interacting with clients is still through a Horoscope Reading.

New clients are always welcome – please contact us to Rainer Rollfinkdiscuss an initial consultation!

We are located within a short walk of the Burwood Railway station in Glen Iris. But with Covid restrictions foreseeable for a while yet, we are presently working exclusively online.

In addition to our client work, we have a strong interest in furthering the understanding of astrology at a range of levels. See our Learn Astrology section of this website for more information. 

Astrology is our Second Language

As marriage partners, we frequently encounter situations in our relationship or as a couple, dealing with the ‘psyche of the times’.

We therefore regularly consult the current astrological transits to identify what may have triggered something, or someone we know. 

Because of this, astrology has become our second language at home. It helps us make sense of so many people and situations, including each other. We can’t now imagine not having access to this vital insight for living.

For us, astrology helps us be more interested and fascinated by people – friends, family, yes, and even politicians. We feel that we can see and understand more about what matters to others. (This helps with gift-shopping!)

In addition, we feel that we can better understand ‘the spirit of the times’, and how best to respond to changing circumstances. As well as the coming changes we can anticipate with astrology.

This is all in addition to analysing client horoscopes and working with clients.

Meet the Team at AstroInsight

Frith Luton – Going A Step Further

Frith has added another qualification to her astrology diploma, training in Switzerland to become a qualified Jungian analyst in 2008. Between astrology and Jungian psychotherapy, Frith has been in private practice now for over 15 years.

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Rainer Rollfink – Bringing New Ideas into Astrology

Behind the scenes at AstroInsight, quietly, and without fanfare, Rainer has been building a framework for deeper astrological insights, and broader applications. 

More will be revealed in due course in various parts of this website.

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For more information or to book an appointment, contact us on (03) 9889 2118