What is My Star Sign? – Born on the ‘Cusp’?

What is my star sign wheel“What is my Star Sign?” is a question that we ask when we first encounter this magical realm of astrology.

It indicates the beginning of an exciting journey. Because suddenly we realise that people are different in ways that coalesce around certain patterns.

Once you know this information, you can begin to explore which group, which pattern applies to You.

But – What IS a Star Sign? What does that mean?

Firstly, Astrology is about the planets and the Sun and Moon in our – Earth’s – solar system.

Solar means ‘of the Sun’. (As in ‘Solar energy’ is the energy coming from the Sun.)

And our Sun is a Star.

The Britannica definition of a Star is this:

Star: any massive self-luminous celestial body of gas that shines by radiation derived from its internal energy sources.

So, the Sun is shining by radiation from its internal energy sources. It is self-luminous. We will come back to that point later when we interpret the meaning of the Sun.

So: ‘My Star Sign’ = ‘My Sun Sign’

Secondly, the ‘Sign’ of the Zodiac that the Sun was ‘in’ at the minute of your birth is ‘your Star Sign’.

Now, the ‘Sign’ is another point of discussion. You see, there are various kinds of astrology around the world. And they take slightly different points of reference.

Indian or Vedic astrology uses the current, shifting positions of the constellations as its reference point.

Western astrology uses the relationship between the Earth and the Sun for its fixed points of reference. By that I mean, in particular the solstices and the equinoxes. These are the turning points in the yearly cycle of the Earth’s journey around the Sun.

So, the northern hemisphere’s Spring equinox is around 21 March – the approximate date when day and night are equal. This is when Spring ‘begins’. The beginning of a new season of growth and activity. This is the start of Aries.

In short, this is the reference point for the star signs of the Zodiac. All signs occupy one-twelfth of the circle, 30 degrees each, to fill the 360 degree circle.

But the Dates for each Star Sign are not exact

There are two further problems: 

  1. There is a leap year we have every four years, and 
  2. there is a sequence of time zones around the world.

This means that a celestial event, such as a solstice, can register on different calendar dates depending on where in the world we are. And those dates can vary with each shift due to leap years.

So therefore, when you see dates given for each Star Sign, there needs to be a range of dates given. It changes a little each year. And it is affected by where in the world you were born.

So now, with those warnings, here is the range of all possible dates:

True Calendar Dates for each Star Sign

    • Aries:   20–21 March to 19–21 April
    • Taurus:   19–21 April to 20–22 May
    • Gemini:   20–22 May to 20–22 June
    • Cancer:   20–22 June to 22–24 July
    • Leo:   22–24 July to 22–24 August
    • Virgo:   22–24 August to 22–24 September
    • Libra:   22–24 September to 22–24 October
    • Scorpio:   22–24 October to 21–23 November
    • Sagittarius:   21–23 November to 21–23 December
    • Capricorn:   21–23 December to 19–21 January
    • Aquarius:   19–21 January to 18–20 February
    • Pisces:   18–20 February to 20–21 March

Were You born on the Cusp between Star Signs?

Now, you will notice the range of dates. For example, for Aries the dates of 20 and 21 March could be Aries, or they could be Pisces. That is, those two dates overlap.

What this means is that the exact minute when the Sun transitioned from Pisces into Aries varies from one year to another. Actually, this is true for all the signs. The exact minute is different every year.

But basically it means that you need to check more exactly.

You can do this by having a Horoscope Reading with a professional astrologer. They will calculate all the planets in your horoscope using professional software.

Or you could check with some of the online calculators that are available. 

So, with Aries, or rather with the dates of 20 and 21 March and 19, 20 and 21 April, you will need to check to make sure which Star Sign is yours. That’s how to read the table above.

If you were born on any of the dates in between the range, then your star sign is the one shown.

The ‘Cusp’ is that area of uncertainty, where you need to check.

Typically, you can see there are either 5 or 6 dates where you could have been ‘born on the cusp’ for each Sign. And about 27 or 28 dates that are not ‘on the cusp’. So, please check. 

We have seen many people who thought they were one Star Sign where it turned out they were another.

To Repeat: ‘My Star Sign’ = My Sun Sign

Now, this still only tells us one thing. The Sign that the Sun was in, using Western Tropical Astrology, when you were born.

What this doesn’t tell us is the House position of your Sun, or any relationships (or ‘Aspects’) between your Sun and other significant planets or points in your Horoscope.

Additionally, it doesn’t tell us really anything at all about your complete Horoscope.

ONLY the Sign of your Sun.

While this is important, it is only one piece in a vast complex jigsaw. But you have to start somewhere, with one piece.

Meditation on The Meaning of the Sun – The Meaning of ‘My Star Sign’

Just to whet you appetite a little – as this article is already long enough for one topic – let us return to an earlier statement.

That is, the Britannica definition.

As I paraphrased earlier: “The Sun is shining by radiation from its internal energy sources. It is self-luminous.”

Imagine that – as it applies to YOU, as a person. 

So, in some way, as indicated by the quality of the Zodiac Sign of your Sun, You are:

  • shining from within
  • from your own inner energy sources
  • you are self-luminous – that is, you are shining without needing someone else to provide the energy to illuminate you.

Meditate on that. What is the flavour of your energy, radiating from within? Try to tune in to its nature.

Give that meditation some time. Reflect on it. Feel it from within. Talk about it with an astrologer who can guide you into a deeper connection with those realisations.

Read about your Star Sign in some quality publications. We may add some notes here at some point for a resource.

If you would like to talk to us about the meaning of your Sun Sign, call us for a Horoscope Reading on (03) 9889 2118, or get in touch on our Contact Form.

There is so much more to explore in your Horoscope than just your Sun Sign. For instance, we also look at the Zodiac Sign of all your Planets, and much more!

We look forward to hearing from you.