Astrology and the Barnum Effect – is there a connection?

So – the skeptics think astrology and the Barnum Effect have a close relationship with each other?! First, I would like to thank Gary Nunn for an open-minded skepticism that has allowed him to explore the terrain of psychics with an attempt to understand and possibly find something positive in it.  Many ‘outsiders’ to a field pour scorn on things they don’t understand, and walk right past the wealth of life experience that may be

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Practical Sun Sign Interpretation

Sun sign interpretation – "Dies machine is niche fur gefingerspoken und mittengrabben. Is easy schnappen der springenwerk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken. Is nicht fur Gewerken by das dummkopfen. Das rubbernecked sightseers keeper hands in das pockets - relaxen und watch das blinken lights.

The Sun sign interpretation is one of the core parts of a horoscope ‘reading’ or analysis. The Sun is the star, the largest object, whose gravitational force holds the entire solar system together. This is the physical reality ‘out there’. The task of an astrologer is to interpret this symbolically. That is, to translate this objective data into what it might mean in terms of human life, both at a practical and psychological level.  Every

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The Journey of Self Discovery

Journey of self discovery

On the Journey of Self Discovery we can feel the tension between the demands and expectations of others and the inner drive to express our own individuality. While ‘society’ may pay lip service to just how individual we are, it is by working with astrology that we are truly confronted with that realisation. And it is through astrology that we find a language to articulate those differences. While Frith Luton is a Jungian analyst in

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We are all Stars – but do we Understand Each Other’s Shining?

We are all Stars quote by Rainer Rollfink

We are all Stars – What was I thinking?     I guess this inner response came out of a particular networking meeting, where they were talking about different personality types. One of the personality types was the ‘Star’. It brought me back to the fact that in my practice of astrology I see that everyone has something unique about them. In my eyes, EVERYONE is a Star. Maybe not in the movie sense, or

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