Astrological Compatibility

Astrological compatibilityAstrological Compatibility between two people goes deeper than purely star sign compatibility.

It involves a detailed analysis of two people’s complete horoscopes and the many different connections between them.

It involves understanding what those connections mean and which are most important. And how they might affect the relationship. This is what we do. We interpret connections, and explain to you what the patterns mean, and how they could be used creatively.

Many different types of relationships can be considered

An astrological compatibility analysis can be applied to many different relationships, such as:

  • an important family relationship: siblings, parent–child
  • a business, artistic, or agency partnership
  • a romantic relationship (regardless of genders involved)
  • a life partner relationship (ditto)

The kind of relationship presents different reasons for looking at each of these relationships Therefore different horoscope factors need to be analysed for different situations.

As well as this, patterns that might be quite important for one person in a relationship might be meaningless or a non-issue for the other.  

While Communication and nurturing patterns might be vital for one relationship, social patterns, aesthetics and motivations might be critical for another.

Understanding each Individual is crucial to discussing astrological compatibility

Nevertheless, each individual’s needs and patterns need to be studied to discover what is most significant for them to be fulfilled and productive within any given relationship. 

The foundation for a relationship is two individuals. Our work in assessing astrological compatibility begins with understanding each individual.

This highlights the importance of self-knowledge and self-understanding. Because we can understand and work productively with someone best when we have a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We therefore recommend, before seeking to understand your astrological compatibility with someone, that you see us for an initial Horoscope Reading.

The Horoscope Reading may in fact shed a great deal of light on your own relationship needs and patterns. It can offer a space to be heard in private, and may answer a number of your questions right there.

It can reveal your own needs in a range of relationships, and lead to greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Taking Responsibility for Astrological Compatibility in a romantic relationship 

Another perspective on the question of compatibility is to first take responsibility for being or becoming the best version of yourself that you can.

Some people refer to this as ‘raising your energy to a higher level’. – You get the idea…

That way, when someone is attracted to you, it will be ‘a better you’ that they are attracted to.

In this regard, working on ‘yourself’ is never a waste of time or effort.

The future friends, colleagues, employers, and partners you attract will be on a different level.

Taking Steps to be a Better ‘You’

This takes us back again to your initial Horoscope Reading. Even to the point of revisiting the same astrologer regularly over the years in order to deepen your self-understanding and insight into your own life path. Or to engage in a more concentrated ongoing process of astrological exploration/counselling.

Going Deeper

If any of these questions has touched you, one way to take action is to get in touch with either Frith or Rainer to discuss having an initial Horoscope Reading. At that point we can further explore going ahead with an astrological compatibility meeting.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact us on (03) 9889 2118