We are all Stars – but do we Understand Each Other’s Shining?

We are all Stars – What was I thinking?


We are all Stars quote by Rainer Rollfink


I guess this inner response came out of a particular networking meeting, where they were talking about different personality types. One of the personality types was the ‘Star’.

It brought me back to the fact that in my practice of astrology I see that everyone has something unique about them.

In my eyes, EVERYONE is a Star.

Maybe not in the movie sense, or the celebrity sense.

But everyone has the potential to live a life in which they give something unique, something special, to those around them.

Everyone deserves to be loved, and to be the centre of attention for a while. To be admired for who they are and what they do.

And yet, in this world, it seems we so often overlook other people. They might seem so ordinary. I’m sure there are millions who never get the attention they deserve. They blend in because we never really get to know them enough.

We Are All Stars – But do Others Let Us Shine?

Yet we never discover those little-known sides of seemingly ordinary people.

Or if we get to know them, we still don’t understand them enough. They seem to come from a place we just don’t understand.

Especially in Australia, we meet so many different nationalities to ours.

Rather than seeing this as something foreign and unknown, we should be aware of the positives this brings. People from other cultural backgrounds have access to information and perspectives that we often have absolutely no idea about.

They may have an extraordinary family history which we will never know about. Because we “don’t have that kind of a conversation with them.”

They may know all about certain kinds of foods, cultural traditions, customs, places, music…

And all these things are part of who they are and how they shine. Perhaps not in front of you. Perhaps in their own social group. But probably in their own home, where they are appreciated.

So stop once in a while, and ask yourself – We all want to be appreciated. We all want to be stars. But:

DO we, really, understand each other’s Shining?

PS We DO see people shine when they sit with us for a Consultation that focusses on Them!