Practical Sun Sign Interpretation

The Sun sign interpretation is one of the core parts of a horoscope ‘reading’ or analysis.

The Sun is the star, the largest object, whose gravitational force holds the entire solar system together. This is the physical reality ‘out there’.

The task of an astrologer is to interpret this symbolically. That is, to translate this objective data into what it might mean in terms of human life, both at a practical and psychological level. 

Every astrologer has their own particular emphasis and view on what each part of a horoscope represents and means. This article will focus on the Sun.

The Sun as the Hero’s Quest

As ‘the one who draws the planets to them’, we could look at the [character of] the Sun in terms of a movie or a story. The central character of a story is – by definition – at the centre. This is the one around whom everything revolves, for better or worse. 

This central character is the reason for the story in the first place. They are the hero, or anti-hero in some cases. The story would not be told without their existence. 

But here’s the key take-away: our interest in this character’s story is not because they are such a ‘perfect’ human being, with no problems, failings or shortcomings. We are interested in them because they have lessons to learn, and ways to grow and develop. We relate to them, because, like us, they have challenges in life. The greater the challenges the more we are interested. And the more we hope that they succeed.

I would argue that the reason for life is to grow and develop.

Frequently astrological sun sign interpretations strike a tone such as: “You are an Aries, therefore you have these personality traits … etc. etc.” The assumption is that being an Aries (or whatever) describes a state of being.

However, my take on the interpretation is more like this: “As an Aries, your heroic quest, your mission in life, is to learn and develop these [Aries] characteristics to the highest level that you can.”

The way that I see it, our Sun sign is a core part of what each of our very reasons for existence is all about. It is about developing those qualities constantly, with each new challenge we confront. It is about a state of becoming.

Sun sign interpretation for Gemini

As a Gemini, I am acutely aware of language and communication.

The issues this raises, the scope of awareness this brings, is far-reaching.

For example, the problem of communication is about being understood. But even individual words can have many different meanings, and many different nuances and kinds of emphasis. When we speak, we can add tonal inflections that make it easier to understand what we mean. In written formats, such as this article, that dimension of communication is lost.

Words themselves are symbols that represent things or concepts. If I say the word ‘chair’, you could be thinking of chairs that are vastly different to the one I am thinking of. [There is a book titled 1000 Chairs.] If I write the word ‘help’ that could imply a range of relationships that are different to what you imagine.

So the irony is that words are meant to speed up communication, but frequently lead to misunderstanding. Each word contains a packet of meaning. Sometimes that meaning needs to be ‘unpacked.’ Often it requires a skilful communicator, as well as a skilful reader or listener, for the true intent of the message to be fully and deeply understood.

Sun sign interpretation – "Dies machine is niche fur gefingerspoken und mittengrabben. Is easy schnappen der springenwerk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken. Is nicht fur Gewerken by das dummkopfen. Das rubbernecked sightseers keeper hands in das pockets - relaxen und watch das blinken lights.

This goes to illustrate that there is a vast arena, just in the field of communication, for a person to develop. Geminis may have a natural or inborn flair for dealing with this. (Note: I am not saying that others don’t. You really cannot generalise based on one single horoscope factor.) But the quest of the Gemini is to develop that flair, that native focus or interest to ever deeper levels throughout life.

Sun Sign Interpretations with modifications

So we are still at the beginning of exploring the interpretation of a horoscope. 

The Sun sign interpretation will also be modified by the other planets and points in the horoscope and the relationship between them. One Hero’s story is never identical to another Hero’s story. The nature of the relationships gathering around the hero, the central character, affect the story, the quest. They will determine who is helpful and who is unhelpful in their ‘journey’ through life, and in what way.

Is there a ‘friend’ who constantly challenges the hero’s perspective? Perhaps an absent parent who emerges once in a while? Or a true colleague who is helpful but unappreciated? Maybe a wise mentor who, unfortunately, has their own bias in certain situations?

While the Sun in a horoscope can show us the major developmental path, the major lessons in life, the complete horoscope gives us the rounded view of our very individual life.

No two horoscopes are the same. Human behaviour may be analysed statistically, but that will never reveal the real motivations behind individual behaviour. That analysis requires depth, and working with people over an extended period of time.

One horoscope reading will open the doors to this vast world of understanding ourselves at a deeper level. However, to go really deep requires an ongoing quest for depth itself.

Your ‘mission’ in life can be seen as the thorough development of the potential qualities of  your sun sign (with the added modifications of your horoscope).

In this sense, you have never ‘arrived’ – you are always ‘becoming’. Your life is an ongoing adventure.

Welcome to the Journey!