Learn Astrology with AstroInsight Online Resources

Learn Astrology MelbourneAstroInsight is committed to helping you to learn astrology, regardless of your current level of knowledge.

As we update this section of the website, we will feature articles in these main categories:

  • Astrology 101 – Beginners level
  • Intermediate Astrology for those who already know some basics
  • Advanced Astrology
  • Applied Astrology – for real-world uses and applications of astrology
  • Experiential Astrology – things to do to connect experientially

Learn astrology from our past and present work

Some of this information comes from our past research and thesis work. Or past articles written for the FAA Journal. While work from past lectures may find its way into this site. As well as that, we may review and include other articles written for this website over the last 15 years.

Other information we make available will be reflections on our experiences and our current ‘practical’ take on relevant astrological ideas and practices.

Depending on the nature and extent of the information it will be mainly free for you to read. However, an entire short course may be available for a nominal fee.

Building knowledge resources for a growth in Consciousness

We hope to build on what has already been done in the astrological field. So we won’t be replicating the absolute basics that have been done well elsewhere. (Except maybe to give them our own flavour.) Therefore, we may refer you to our recommended list of resources to help you with your ongoing learning.

Above all, we aim to add to the understandings of “the Human experiment” – this vast interconnected global population that is trying to figure out each day how it can live its highest potential on this planet.

We will address ‘the Individual’ and at times ‘the Collective’ in ways that depend our understanding, and that challenge some of the simplistic thinking that sometimes passes for ‘knowledge’ and understanding of ourselves, each other, and our world.

We hope to be part of the global movement of evolving consciousness on this planet. Thereby to assist a few people here and there to raise their sights and insights to a more peaceful and productive life for themselves and those whose lives they touch.

YOU are an important part of this story.

In short, we hope that you will return here from time to time to deepen your knowledge and understanding of what astrology can reveal about your life, and about Humanity.

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