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Horoscope Reading

An Astrological Horoscope Reading is the key tool we use for exploring the question: “Who am I?”
A full astrology chart analysis goes much deeper than a simple response to “I am an Aries, what does that mean?”
It looks at all the planets in your horoscope to understand your unique individuality as much as possible – even before we meet.

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Astrological compatibility

Astrological Compatibility

Astrological Compatibility between two people goes deeper than purely star sign compatibility.
It involves a detailed analysis of two people’s complete horoscopes and the many different connections between them.
It involves understanding what those connections mean and which are most important. And how they might affect the relationship. …

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Learn Astrology with AstroInsight Online Resources

AstroInsight is committed to helping you to learn astrology, regardless of your current level of knowledge. As we update this section of the website, we will feature articles in these main categories: Beginners level, Intermediate Astrology, Advanced Astrology, Applied Astrology, and Experiential Astrology…

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Welcome to AstroInsight!

Since 1999, AstroInsight is dedicated to the astrology of the Individual. – Your purpose in life, your path, and navigating what you are going through now.

Referencing your birth chart, we discuss and evaluate your options. Always taking a holistic perspective to finding a path that works for every ‘part’ of you.

Carl Jung’s depth work with dreams indicates that we can easily deny or overlook parts of ourselves. At times we feel we are being pulled in different directions – by our own hopes and dreams, by the wishes and demands of others, or both.

Dealing with Conflicting Drives and Desires – Within and Without

When we are in conflict with ourselves or with others on some level, there is an urge for some parts of us to refuse to co-operate.

Subconsciously, subtly, we try less. We undermine progress. We underachieve, or overachieve. The responses vary.

Even the causes of this, and the circumstances vary. But the Horoscope, and the current planetary patterns, can tell us much. It opens a dialogue.

Some of this inner conflict is normal, and indeed drives some high achievers if they can thrive on it. But finding a peaceful resolution is not always normal, or easy.

So our Horoscope Readings are all aimed at a comprehensive understanding of ALL the parts of you that want to be heard.

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We look for patterns, and help you to understand how the underlying patterns in your Horoscope can be used in a range of positive and productive ways.

Dealing with current Astrological ‘Influences’ – The ‘Spirit of the Time’

And of course we study the current ‘dialogue’ between the planets, and how that relates to your Birth Chart. (How long will this last? When did it start? What is the nature of this ‘transit’?)

To help you resolve current issues. And help you to critically assess your direction, and deal with what others may expect of you.

To help you to find that inner peace that comes from giving all your inner drives a good place to shine or be heard. So you can live a more fulfilling life, and put the current obstacles behind you.

This holistic approach applies to all our work – our Horoscope Readings, Astrological Compatibility consultations, and the resources we create to help you to Learn Astrology.

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Frith Luton and Rainer Rollfink are the astrologers behind AstroInsight. Read more to discover their individual contributions.