Jungian Analysis

Frith Luton is a Swiss-trained Jungian Analyst in full-time private practice.

An astrological consultation can include working with dreams as part of considering current decisions you are facing.

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Image of a god-like figure in the centre of a zodiacal clock in a church in Germany.
Astrological Supervision

Frith Luton is an APA–approved Supervisor available for Astrological Supervision.

Supervision aims to improve the quality of your client sessions, and is considered an essential part of consistent professional development in most fields.

Many astrologers work hard on the aspect of ‘being right’ in their horoscope interpretations. However, the nature and sensitivity of their client interactions can be an overlooked though crucial aspect of their work.

Supervision aims to elevate this to a higher level for the benefit of both the astrologer and the client seeking their services.

Astrology Readings

Frith and Rainer both offer personalised astrological readings.

At AstroInsight, we seek to empower you to make the most of your current situation. How we do this is by first getting to understand your situation. Then we discuss the opportunities available to you as indicated by the current astrological influences.

Our approach is psychological and Jungian. This means we are more forward-looking, while still trying to understand how situations evolve. We also work with patterns, and how to change them for better outcomes in future.

brings you here today?

are you most concerned about?

Life situations are frequently ‘complicated’ and not simple to solve.

Therefore finding real answers that work for you forces you to look deeper than usual.

As astrologers, we recognise that solutions need to work for you on many levels. But not just as a ‘quick fix’.

This is why we take the time to look deeper. Why we work harder to understand YOU and your situation, your questions more deeply.

We do that through dialogue with you and by analysing your horoscope before we meet.

So if you’re trying to find answers that work for YOU at a deeper level, call us for an initial enquiry.

Just a short phone call will tell you if you feel we can work together.

You can reach us on (03) 9889 2118 during normal business hours.

We hope that we can be of help to you at same stage.

Frith and Rainer

AstroInsight, Melbourne, Australia