Horoscope Reading

Finding intelligent astrological horoscope readingAn Astrological Horoscope Reading is the key tool we use for exploring the question: “Who am I?”

A full astrology chart analysis goes much deeper than a simple response to “I am an Aries, what does that mean?”

It looks at all the planets in your horoscope to understand your unique individuality as much as possible – even before we meet.

And use that insight to understand what may be a complex situation in your life right now.

“Who am I?” – and beyond

When you come for a horoscope reading we appreciate that there is generally a situation in your life that has prompted this.

Above all, we are interested in addressing this.

It could be that you have relationship issues with someone close to you.

Perhaps you are considering a career choice, but have some questions about that.

Or some other problem that you feel has some deeper source you can’t quite define.

Your Horoscope Reading can reveal answers

Frith LutonYour horoscope contains many different levels of information. As experienced astrologers we know how to evaluate the range of factors presented in your birth chart.

We appreciate that at the time of your horoscope reading with us that you will have particular questions or life situations that you are struggling with. You probably want more clarity and certainty about your options. And you want to be empowered to move ahead.

We understand how to focus on the particular themes or levels in your horoscope that relate to the particular situation in question.

By giving emphasis to the big question that brings us together for a consultation, we appreciate that your focus is not on finding out everything there is to know about your horoscope. But rather on solving your current dilemmas.

Whether it’s your first, second, third or tenth horoscope reading, each time you will gain clarity about some other part of your life and personality that will be more important at that time.

What are my best strengths, and where should I focus my efforts?

If you are meeting either Frith or Rainer for a horoscope reading mainly because you want to know and understand yourself better, then we have more scope to explore your entire birth chart.

We can look at questions such as: “What are your strengths? How well are you using your natural talents (or tendencies) in your life? What could you develop more? What shows up as a real area of talent for you, an untapped potential?” 

“Have you recognised just how unique some of your potentials actually are?” 

We believe that many people have settled for second-best without recognising their own ‘genius’. And while there may be many different reasons for this, sometimes it only takes a special meeting for someone to catch that spark and turn their life around. A meeting with someone who is focussed on them, and what is unique about them.

Your Horoscope Reading will be Unique to You

So, let us bust a couple of myths right here.

Many people think that astrology is about putting people into one of 12 different ‘boxes’. 

The fact is, those categories, the ‘star signs’, are only one of the first levels we consider. There are many many more details in your horoscope that we look at and evaluate.

You see, a horoscope is deceptively simple, but also very detailed and complex.

It takes some perspective to evaluate all of that and relate the important factors to your current query, your present situation. To address the reason why you have come to this place.

People say that “Everyone is unique.” 

But it takes an astrologer with perspective to describe that uniqueness in someone they have never even met before.

And it takes someone who has worked on themselves to appreciate the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges that an individual may face – and talk about these in a non-judgemental constructive and helpful way.

We encourage you to come to us for an in-depth horoscope reading to discuss and find answers for where you are in your life right now. –

Whether out of curiosity, to deepen your self-knowledge – which can influence everything else you do in life – or to deal with a current situation.

Whether you already know some astrology, or none at all, whether you’re in your 20s or your 70s or anywhere in-between.

We will engage with you intelligently and sincerely seek to impart the insights that a horoscope reading can provide.

Till we meet,

Frith Luton and Rainer Rollfink


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