Rainer Rollfink

“Rainer Rollfink is an astrologer, web designer and creative thinker.

Rainer Rollfink

“It’s always amazing how, when people contact us, they inevitably have powerful astrological transits to their horoscope.

“What I particularly love about astrology is the depth of insight it offers into ourselves and each other. And at a much deeper level than most of the personality profile tests used in so many workplaces these days. Likewise, the quality of ‘Now’.

“Astrology is a language of symbols that helps guide practical insightful discussions into our personality, our preferences, and potential.

“I enjoy helping people to understand their own lives from this deeper perspective. So that they can make sense of the things that have happened to them.

To find patterns in their lives.

So they can understand and control those patterns. Thereby to find new ways to work with them creatively.

Because your strongest patterns are the source of your greatest creativity.

And how you can make the greatest changes in your life.

Horoscope Readings

Rainer is available for Horoscope Readings as well as wider-ranging private consultations to discuss or explore most issues or areas of interest.

Consultations can be 60 or 90 minutes initially, to allow a useful amount of time to discuss what you want to discuss. Follow-up consultations can be an hour.

To get in touch, call me on (03) 9889 2118

Formal Qualifications and memberships

  • Diploma in Applied Astrology
  • Diploma in Financial Advising
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAA)
  • Diploma in Applied Science (Dye Chemistry)
  • Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers (APA)

Informal Background

I believe what I have to offer relates much more to the ‘informal’ side of my life and experience. Which means lived experience and Interests pursued – too many to mention here. And things thought about deeply. Wisdom collected.

Naturally this includes successes as well as failures, things that worked well and things that didn’t. I am in equal parts optimistic as well as aware of the potential downside – of many things.

Some of my particular strengths are planning and organisation, creative ideas, and looking deeply into relevant issues. Plus I enjoy challenging the idea that things cannot be done much better than they are.

Rainer Rollfink creativity

Special Projects and Research – Exclusive to Rainer Rollfink

Research topics I am presently developing include:

Untangling Insomnia – An investigative astrological approach

Themes of Your Personal History – Perspectives on a Lifetime

Sparking Your Creativity – The Hidden “Yes” Within You

I welcome enquiries to work with you to explore these areas of interest as they apply to your life. Use the Contact form to get in touch if this is of interest to you.