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Articles listed on this page take a deeper look at some aspects of astrology.

If you are a student or slightly more interested in knowledge than the average person, then take a look.

For a more newsy look at current topics, please refer to our Astrology Blog.

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“What Is My Star Sign?”

Have you ever asked yourself: “What is MY Star Sign?” “Have I got it right?” Maybe you feel as if you are not the person that all those astrology writers have been describing that you should be. Here is one possible explanation…


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Myths About Astrology

Do you think you really know what modern Astrology is all about?

Here is a short series on the myths about astrology:

Myths About Astrology: #1 – “Astrology is what you read in the newspapers”

Yes, we probably first discovered astrology by seeing those short astrology columns in some newspaper, but is this the best that astrology has to offer? Read more…

Myths About Astrology: #2 – “Astrology Starts and Ends with the 12 Signs of the Zodiac”

Are there really only 12 types of people in the world? Discover a richer perspective in this article.

Myths About Astrology: #3 – “The Constellations aren’t Really There”

Which Zodiac system are we using? Which reference point makes sense to you?