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Bees, Honey and the Hive

Inner City Books in Toronto, Canada published Frith’s work Bees, Honey and the Hive in January 2011.

Inner City Books is the only specialist Jungian publisher in the world devoted exclusively to books written by Jungian analysts. Their catalogue of over 130 titles spans over 30 years of publishing.

For an autographed copy, please contact me via the Contact page on this website.

Book cover from "Bees, Honey and the Hive" by Frith Luton, 2011

Otherwise copies may be ordered from the publisher via: http://www.innercitybooks.net/book.php?id=131

Australian booksellers stocking this title include Readings Books.


Lecture at the 19th FAA International Astrology Conference  Weaving the Fabric of Time: 2012 and Beyond

Frith presented a lecture at the 19th FAA Astrology Conference, in Melbourne, January 2012. Her topic was Time to Emerge: the challenges, paradoxes and contradictions of the New Moon.

Frith’s lecture explored the symbolism of the New Moon in birth charts as well as its significance as an important developmental stage of life in the progressed chart. Some famous people featured included Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln and Neil Diamond.

The lecture explored the significance of this psychologically symbolic “moment of re-birth” and some of the ways it can manifest in the lives of individuals.

CDs of the lecture can be purchased via the following link:



“Sacred Bees” on Radio National


Frith was interviewed for ABC Radio National’s Encounter program on the subject of Sacred Bees. This preceded the publication of her book Bees, Honey and the Hive.

The program went to air on Sunday 31 May 2009 and was repeated on 26 October 2013.

The introduction on ABC’s website is as follows:

Encounter tunes into the sacred hum of a tiny insect that has ensured our physical and spiritual health over centuries. With bee colonies mysteriously collapsing around the world this program explores the Christian and Islamic symbolism of bees and how that relates to human spiritual development and our harmonious relationship with the environment.”

Follow this link to Sacred Bees to catch the audio or to read the transcript.