When you need the insights that astrology can give you… 

Sometimes you need to discuss things with someone – someone who is not a relative or close friend. Someone independent of your life. And Someone with insights that can change things for you. Insights from another place…

In order to get some clarity about your situation. Just to have someone focus on you for a change. Just to help you sort through all the questions in your head. To help you see things from a fresh perspective.

Perhaps you’re trying to come to grips with some of the changes in your life. Maybe you’re trying to make sense of a difficult situation. Or trying to discover what’s best for you to do next – perhaps you’re facing a range of options. It’s amazing how astrology can provide you with insights you may not have considered. This is what we do best.

We can help you with your questions about:

  • Relationships
  • Career choices
  • Decisions you need to make
  • Difficult situations
  • Maximising your potential, especially from a psychologically holistic perspective.

As astrologers we have unique insights into people as individuals with their own unique (often unrecognised) potentials and needs. We can see where a relationship might strike difficulties, and what it might take to see it through.

When you book a consultation with us –

we will prepare and study your horoscope, as well as the influences affecting you now – we spend some time on preparation before your consultation. (Not everyone does this.)

We will discuss the factors affecting your life right now and explore your options for the future, using the insights we gain from your chart. You will leave with new ideas, insights, and food for thought about your life. And hopefully a new sense of confidence about a way forward.

You may have a particular area you want to focus on, or a particular question you are looking for answers for. Whatever your focus we will tailor your consultation around your questions or concerns at the time.

We look forward to your enquiry.

Phone: (03) 9889 2118

Frith Luton and Rainer Rollfink


Where, When, How?

Before we begin, we just need to know:

Date – Place – and Time of your birth. The more accurate the time, the better, but to the nearest 15 minutes or so is usually close enough. If you don’t know your time of birth, give us a call to discuss the options. We will work with the best information available.

Astrology Consultations can be in-person in Glen Iris, Melbourne, or by phone or via Skype. Some people prefer the face-to-face meeting, others the earlier appointments we may be able to fit in by phone, or Skype to solve the problem of distance.

We accept VISA or Mastercard, as well as EFTPOS.

Fees for consultations take account of the time spent face-to-face in the actual session plus the preparation time involved.

As a guide, a typical 90-minute session would attract a fee of $180. Follow-up sessions can be an hour or 90 minutes. Call us if you feel you need less time than this initially.

When you call to enquire we will ask you what you would like to focus on for the consultation, so that we can prepare appropriately. One consultation will never be the complete story on your life – it will typically address your current concerns and interests.

We do not do “Past-life readings” or consultations to help you locate lost objects. Our focus is on helping you, as an individual, make the most of this time in your life.

To book a consultation, or to enquire about how we could help;

Call Frith Luton  or Rainer Rollfink at AstroInsight on (03) 9889 2118

OR   email us using our Contact Form.