What is Psychological Astrology?

Astrology is the study of correlations between the cycles of the planets in our solar system and activity on this Earth.

Psychological astrology is the study of these correlations as they relate to the psychological dimension of our lives.

Psychological astrology
aims to integrate the deeper realities
of our human experience.
This includes our psychological dynamics,
and our innate tendencies
and preferences.

Our work with clients includes understanding, on a logical, intuitive, and emotional level, why we react the way we do.

This is often a gradual process, and it develops through dialogue in a private one-to-one consultation.

Our aim is that this level of insight, these “Aha!” moments, lead to a new level of consciousness and liberation from past patterns of response, into more productive ways to use your potential for a fulfilling and creative life.

Feeling understood and acknowledged by someone, and understanding yourself on a deeper level than before, can be a powerful experience.

Often, our clients see us because they've found that psychological astrology gives them access to some fundamental realities about their life. About who they really are. About their own unique personality.

Psychological astrology is a tailor-made process which honours a person’s individuality to the nth degree. Because no two people are alike.

Every session is different, because you come with different questions and concerns – and because the current transits are different from last time.

With every session you learn something more about yourself. You understand more about other people.

Often the initial question may be about practical dilemmas. Should I take this job? Is this really what I should put my life energy into? Why am I feeling uncertain about this situation?

The answers to these questions generally come back to a deeper understanding of who you are, deep down. Not in the place where you need to impress anyone, like your boss, or your parents, or your partner. But in your heart of hearts, where it really matters to you. – What feels right for you? What do you want?

Understanding your horoscope can help us focus on and answer these questions in a way that honours your values and needs. And we don’t ignore the practical dimensions of life. Sometimes the ideal solution is not available right now. Sometimes you need to work towards that. But it’s good to have some direction to aim for.

Image of a god-like figure in the centre of a zodiacal clock in a church in Germany.

There is power and comfort in clarity.

Clarity makes future steps and decisions easier to take and brings focus to your time and energy. It makes a better future easier to work toward.

Clarity helps when it comes to the important decisions in life – career moves, relationships, partnerships in business, dealing with other people. And the many smaller, equally important minor decisions we make every day – about how to spend our hours, our days.

This is why we work with psychological astrology – as a guide for ourselves, and to help our clients.

It’s a means of exploring, discussing and becoming more aware of our psychology.

If you are on the quest for a deeper level of self-understanding, or at a cross-roads in your life, this could be a good time to call us for an appointment.

We look forward to being a help on your journey.

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