Astrological Supervision

Supervision for APA Membership

Membership of the APA requires a minimum of 25 hours of supervision with an APA-approved Supervisor.

Frith Luton is one of only a few astrologers in Australia available for supervision which meets the APA guidelines and requirements.

An application for APA membership and a supervision plan must be organised before starting supervision in order for your hours to count toward qualification.

Frith Luton

Astrological Practice Supervision can:

  • enhance the quality of interactions with clients
  • increase your confidence in working with clients, and
  • improve the satisfaction you derive from working with clients.

Supervision and ongoing Professional Development is a requirement in most fields requiring day-to-day interaction with clients whose lives you might influence.

Supervision addresses the issues of professional behaviour and client care, as well as the need for your own self-care arising from challenging situations.

Please call Frith for more information on entering into this process and to discuss fees and other arrangements.

Phone: (03) 9889 3152