Federer’s Dream Hobby

12 October 2012 Have you guessed Federer’s Dream Hobby? Roger Federer last night secured his 300th week at #1 in the ATP Tennis rankings by defeating his good friend Stanislas Wawrinka 4-6 7-6 6-0 in a hard-fought match. In the post-match interview he made these revealing comments: “Sometimes you’re just happy playing.

Image of a gathering of people in a long room

We are all Stars

“We are all Stars” – What was I thinking? I guess this quote came out of a particular networking meeting, where they were talking about different personality types. One of the personality types was the ‘Star’. It brought me back to the fact that in my practice of astrology I see that everyone has something…

photo of the venus transit from June 2012

Transit of Venus

First photo of the transit of Venus for 2012, an event that will not be repeated in our lifetimes, taken at 9.45 am Melbourne time, June 6, 2012. Venus is the small dark spot over the face of the sun. The observation of this transit was one of the key scientific objectives in the 1760s.…