When did you last surprise yourself?

Just when you thought you knew everything, along comes astrology. Suddenly there’s a whole new way of seeing the world, relationships, even Yourself…

It’s true what they say… astrologers see things differently.

Reports vs Readings

And yes, there is no substitute for a one-to-one astrology ‘reading’. The best way to address current situations is by discussing what’s happening for you right now. But our astrology reports are a pretty good starting point for seeing the world – your world – in a surprisingly different way.

So – when did you last discover something about yourself you didn’t already know?

These reports will bring a new clarity and focus to what you may or may not already know about yourself. They will highlight your natural talents and abilities, your strengths and ways that you can shine. The Yearly Horoscope Analysis will highlight over 20 important trends and influences for you this year alone. The Long Term Horoscope highlights the key influences over the next 6 years.

And these reports will help you even more if you have already done any ‘personal development’ work of any kind, by ‘connecting some more dots’ in the puzzle of life.

So… surprise yourself – and discover more about your greatest asset: Yourself!

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Here is a list of some of the reports we currently offer:

AstroIntelligence Reports by Liz Greene

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