Do you ever feel this way?

“Sometimes I just don’t understand my partner. I want to have a better relationship, but sometimes we’re just on a different wavelength.”

“What can we do to get on better, to have that great relationship that everyone wants?”

The fact is, that while we often have a lot that brings us together, there are also many things that could drive us apart.

It takes real courage to look at these factors in a relationship.

Fortunately it is not as daunting as it seems to be – if you have the insights contained in this report.

Isn’t your relationship worth a little more insight and understanding?

What others say about this report:

“The Relationship report is a valuable tool for the dialogue with my companion. Very beneficial to our getting along. The contents are very accurate.” –– Mr. R.F.

“I must admit, I almost fell off the chair while reading our Relationship Horoscope. I wasn’t expecting to find such a detailed account of our current problems. I was sorry to find that we’ve already made all sorts of mistakes the analysis warned us about … at the same time, the causes were pinpointed … and my conviction – that we can overcome these issues and be a dream couple – has been confirmed.” –– Ms. S.M.

“I would like to thank you for our Relationship Horoscope which I read together with my partner. It took us a few hours to go through it. As we read it, we discussed what was written and I have to say that it went to great depth. It was so good to read it together, to see each other’s immediate reaction, to hold each other when the old wounds re-opened. I think that we both know now where we are coming from, why we behave the way we do,where we can support each other, how to create an open and understanding relationship. Thank you very much again.” –– K and A

“Yes, I must say, constructive and inspiring to my learning more about myself and my relationship. Form and contents appeal to me time and again, some things more intensely, some less. The report in its density sheds light on different, new facets each time. Thanks!” –– Mr. R.E.

“Friday I received my eagerly awaited copy of my Relationship Horoscope. I have read it several times to comprehend all of it. It is so very deep as well as helpful. Without telling me what I should do, it gives me the tools to make my own decision. I was very impressed with the depth of which it gave. I cannot express the thrill of finding out … what I suspected … that my object of desire and friendship is feeling the same way. Now, at least, I have a wonderful tool to help me should I decide to truly experience this person’s energy. Thank you. It has been very hard for me, so reading this will help, I’m sure.” –– Ms. C.H.

“About 4 years ago, I ordered a Relationship Horoscope from you. At the time, it didn’t seem to make much sense, and I was almost disappointed. Now, after the many happy days and difficult patches we’ve been through together, I stumbled across it again, and we are both very happy with the concise analysis. It has helped us a great deal in talking to each other.” –– Ms. U.S.

“I am so happy with Liz Greene’s Relationship Horoscope that was done for me and my partner […]. I can’t even begin to express the true depth of perception it gave us both. It was as if she was in our living room and had analyzed us for years. The analysis is so profound and compelling that it moved me and my partner to tears many times. I would have to stop reading for a long time to absorb the truth and insight. Overwhelming! Phenomenal! I highly recommend Liz Greene to everyone I know now!” –– Mr. T.D.

“Thank you very much for the swift delivery. My boyfriend and I both feel recognised and are happy with the clear wording and the relationship tips. In short: the best computer generated horoscope I’ve ever read!” –– Ms. C.W.

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Pages (approximate): 35–40 A4 pages

Author: Liz Greene

Available languages: English, Danish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Price of report: $80 (postage included) (Text adapted for same-sex relationships.)

Second report for partner: $45 (This report is written from the partner’s perspective. The text is adapted for same-sex relationships.)

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