This report is all about YOU.

Do you enjoy learning more about yourself?

Have you achieved everything in life that you have a talent for?

Have you discovered everything that you may be good at?

Do you understand yourself at a deeper psychological level?

This report is our All-time #1 Choice of astrology reports. We believe if you could only have one report – this would be it.

So why not start with this one first?

Report author: Liz Greene

Pages (approximate): 18–21 A4 pages

Available languages: English, Danish, German, Finnish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese

Price: $80 (postage included)

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What others say about this report:

“I’ve always viewed astrology as more a source of potential (and often only half-relevant) insights, a self-indulgent source of entertainment and an emotional pacifier than anything particularly ‘mystical’. Liz Greene has changed all that. Her powers of interpretation and divination border on the prophetic. It’s downright spooky. As they say, it’s not the method of divination but the diviner. I’m still not sure if I believe in ‘astrology’, but I believe in Liz Greene.” – M.

“Thank you, AstroInsight for introducing me to Liz Greene’s reports. The Psychological Horoscope Report and Career and Vocation Report have helped me to see and acknowledge parts of myself that I now use in my business. Instead of feeling I had to sacrifice parts of myself in order to run my business, I discovered that the strengths these reports made me aware of could actually help me to stand out from the crowd. These reports have helped me to define who I am and what I and my business stand for––and have given me a decisive point of difference over others in my profession.” – N.K.

“I received my Psychological Horoscope Analysis yesterday. I was extremely pleased. There were some very deep revelations to me. There were some things I had never considered, but they touched something in me and will require some deep soul searching.” – Ms. L.L.

“For years I have been looking for some inner answers. I have had charts done, psychic readings, and so on. When I received your Psychological Analysis I was overwhelmed at the insight you gave me. I’m 68 now and I wish I had it sooner…” – Mr N.C.

“Liz Greene’s psychological natal chart is by far the pithiest I have ever had prepared for me. The insights did go further and bear reading slowly, again and again. I have actually recommended her chart to certain clients in my therapy practice.” – MM, Psychotherapist

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