Astrology has been applied to many different fields – political analysis, mundane events across the globe, financial markets, answering clearly worded questions, and our specialty: psychological analysis.

Used psychologically, astrology helps to understand the nature of a person’s psychological drivers. And their complexity.

Let me give an example.

One person might have a strong drive for recognition from others. That might be evident from the way they conduct themselves, as well as their horoscope.

But they might also have a deep need for privacy. This might be less evident in the person’s behaviour, but it will be clear from their horoscope. It will also be clear from their horoscope whether these two psychological drives work together or against each other.

This is just scratching the surface of an analysis.

A horoscope analysis will typically result in “Aha” moments, where the client will say “Yes, that explains why I am that way.” Suddenly who and how they are makes sense to them in a clear and coherent way.

There is great power in having that kind of clarity about yourself.

It helps in more deeply understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. Real strengths. Real qualities that you have that you may think are just normal, or a little better than normal. They may, in fact, be truly outstanding qualities. And you may be underselling yourself, because you may be truly exceptional at some things, and not even realise it.

And it may help you in clearly choosing to let go of things that you are not great at.

Deepening your self-understanding also helps when it comes to the major decisions in life – career moves, relationships, partnerships in business, dealing with other people.

This is why we practice psychological astrology – as a guide for ourselves, and to help our clients.

In our experience it works, and it’s valuable. And it saves time wondering.

If you are on the quest for a deeper level of self-understanding, or at a cross-roads in your life, this could be a good time to call us for an appointment.

We look forward to being a help on that quest.

Frith Luton and Rainer Rollfink