Rainer is an astrologer in private practice in Melbourne.

What I particularly love about astrology is the depth of insight it offers into ourselves and each other – and at a much deeper level than the personality profile tests used in so many workplaces these days.

Astrology is a language of symbols that helps initiate a practical and insightful discussion into our personality, our preferences, and potential.

I enjoy helping people to understand their own lives from this deeper perspective. To make sense of some things that have happened to them. The timing of events in their lives. When things have changed. And when things will change again.

Astrology especially helps us to make sense of what I call ‘the psyche of the time’ –  what is the current ‘vibe’?

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Do I try to predict the future? I don’t believe the future is predetermined or predestined. I believe you always have choices to make. The trick is to make the best choices most of the time.

So what can astrology tell us about the future? Astrology can tell us about the future in broad terms, not in detail. Most astrologers don’t have the guts to tell you that, because you might stop being dependent on them.

I wonder whether some people ‘don’t believe in astrology’ because they are secretly afraid of the idea that our lives are fated to unfold in a certain way – or that they think that astrology is only about predicting the future.

Here’s my take on the question of Fate:

Fate is what you allow. Destiny is what you create. Life is always a blend of Fate and Destiny.

An ‘unexamined life’ is often at the mercy of ‘fate’ – more than we realise. Many people will tell you that, not just astrologers.

An ‘examined life’ is guided more from who we really are, in ways we can only appreciate after the analysis.

I believe in giving your Destiny a helping hand.

This is the philosophy behind AstroInsight and all we do.


And I hope to meet you in this endeavour some day.

Till we meet,



Click this link to read a short piece of Rainer’s poetry – ‘The Closed Door’

I believe it is the quality of the individual that makes the difference in what you get out of a ‘Horoscope Reading’. But if you want to know a little about my Qualifications and memberships here is some of the ‘formal’ stuff:

Diploma in Applied Astrology
Diploma in Financial Advising
Diploma in Applied Science (Dye Chemistry)

Cert IV in Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAA)

Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers (APA)

Over the course of my life I have worked in the textile industry, been a photographer, an owner-builder, designed my own house, and qualified as a Financial Advisor. I’ve been writing astrology courses and building websites, including this one.

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In regard to seeing me for an ‘Astrological Reading’ or a Consultation:

While a ‘standard’ consultation is for 90 minutes, I am happy to arrange a shorter consultation for an initial session. Let me know what you want to discuss, and I’ll give you some options.

It’s also good to know in advance what you want to focus on particularly, as I do spend some time preparing before your session. (Perhaps more than other astrologers, from what I’ve heard.)

When you’re ready to see if I might be the astrologer for you, Call me on (03) 9889 2118 during business hours for a no-obligation enquiry.