Have you ever looked back over a period of 5 years to try to understand why things unfolded the way they did?

Do you make 5-Year Plans for your future?

Do you have any way of knowing how YOU and Your attitudes might change during that time?

Will your 5-Year Plan still be relevant in 2 or 3 years’ time?

Some changes that come to us are very long-term in nature. We cannot see them if we are only focussed on the short-term.

Yes, “a day is a long time in politics” – but the deepest changes in our lives develop over a period of years, not days. It takes a long-term perspective to see and understand these deeper changes.

This is the only report we know of that looks specifically at the long-term changes in our life.

What others say about this report:

We have had no written feedback about this particular report – however, the more popular Yearly Report is written in the same format, but with an emphasis on a different time period. The Long-Term Report is selective in interpreting influences of a longer-term nature. Thus we feel that the feedback for the Yearly Horoscope is valid also for this report.

There is also this general feedback from the respected late British astologer Charles Harvey:

“Liz Greene has no peers where psychological astrology is concerned and this program really does capture her mind and insights to an astonishing degree. It is said that a computer can never replace an individual astrologer, but it is difficult to imagine an astrologer producing a report of this depth and quality by hand for less than ten times the cost. I recommend AstroIntelligence reports to most of my clients and often use them as an invaluable preliminary to my consultative work.” – The late Charles Harvey, author, DFAstrolS., past President of the Astrological Association and the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London.

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Pages (approximate): 45–50 A4 pages

Author: Liz Greene

Available languages: English, Danish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish

Price of report: $90 (postage included)

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