The Initiative Report

The Initiative Report is about the real practical use and application of astrology – for giving us information, ahead of time, on the particular opportunities that are in the air.

These opportunities are along the lines of “being in the flow”, or “catching the wave”.

If you’ve ever performed anything at a high level you will know what that means. It is where great work is done.

The most fundamental teaching of astrology is that every day, every hour, has a different ‘quality’. Time itself, in a way, has quality, not just ‘length’ (or extent).

In a symbolic way, for us on planet earth, this is reflected in the movements of the planets as experienced from the perspective of planet earth.

It is up to us to interpret the symbolism: daily, as it happens; or ahead of time, if we want to plan our activities to ride the wave of the ‘vibe’ or the ‘energy’ of the day. Or not at all, if we think it doesn’t affect us.

If you are in the group that might be able to use some advance warning, then this report is for you.

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The Initiative Report will help you to take a new level of initiative in your life, and improve your odds of success by catching the waves as they are breaking.