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The Initiative Report – September 2016

Welcome to The Initiative Report for September 2016.

Well, what to make of the random mix of astrological activity this month?

There are probably two key threads running through the month.

The first is that Mercury went Retrograde on August 30. (I didn’t highlight this in last month’s report since it was so close to the end of the month and figured I’d pick up on it this month.)

I must write an in-depth article on this for general future reference, since it comes around three times a year. Stay tuned for this.

Basically, Mercury will be retrograde until Thursday September 22. In the second half of Virgo. So whichever part of your horoscope that arc traverses is a good place to do the following: Review, revise, reflect, reorganise, re-think, plan, tidy up, discard, handle, clean, decide what is working for you and what isn’t working. Shape it so it works for you. So that it is not a drag on your energy. Clear out the clutter. Streamline. Process the emotions surrounding that part of your life.

We are so accustomed to being on the treadmill, for the need for ‘growth’, that we can lose respect for the process of decay. In the garden, decay provides the nutrients and the humus that can build a stronger and richer ecology for the crops of the future. Without decay there is no replenishment of the soil. The future efforts of the soil produce a weaker yield.

So take some time to consolidate and strengthen what you have attained recently, and it can streamline and support all your efforts to produce a harvest in the coming months.

And review what you have done and achieved, and plan for what else you see ahead. This is a yin part of the cycle, the gathering in and consolidating, rather than the outward-focussed ‘achievement’ phase. Research. Collect. Collate. Review.

In the process, anticipate (if not expect) delays or misunderstandings in communication, the need to reschedule appointments, or just simply indecisiveness about what to do when. Expect lessons coming at you about what works and what doesn’t. Check details and agreements. Check contracts, check the fine print. Especially with Mercury in Virgo, check the details. Check that others have understood what you intended to communicate. And vice versa. Nuances will make all the difference.

The second thread is the Saturn–Neptune square which is exact on Saturday 10 September.

It is more of a ‘background noise’ effect for the whole month, as few other planets spark it off. (Apart from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 September.) This is a contest between future planning and ideals of inclusiveness. An example of this struggle in real life at present is in the Australian political sphere: a stand-off between ‘budget repair’ (how we will fund the future) versus the need for an investigation of the banking industry (how we will protect the vulnerable in society from the heavyweights of the ‘big corporates’ – and even whether they will pay their fair share of tax).

Wednesday 7 September will be a good day for planning and for implementing ‘infrastructure’ – systems that help you run or organise your life. (Even a day or so before this falls into the ‘build-up’ period, so provides a helpful impetus.) A good time to finalise reports.

In the evening of Friday 9 September Jupiter enters Libra. It was last in Libra from late September 2004 to October 2005. Reflect back to that time for clues of what this cycle might mean to you. In general, it may bring a renewed focus on matters of aesthetics and balance – in your environment, in relationships, in ways to navigate life. Tact and diplomacy are highlighted for about a year. (Fingers crossed on that one!)

Also on Saturday 10 September will be an opportunity to reflect on past hurts, both given and received, and to work with an underlying future-focus to find a way to push forward.

Sunday 11 September brings intensity back to relationships – both in the remembrance of 9/11 for some, or the commitments made to each other. This is the realignment of people who are ‘in this together for the long term’. But it can also bring up questions of the extent of that commitment. On a mundane level, if you happen to be working on an art project, you may infuse it with a greater intensity and focus than usual. There are many levels at which these astrological influences can be used or applied.

Tuesday 13 September brings an energetic focus to communication. Use it to bring a greater level of mental focus to a project that you just haven’t had enough impetus to finish. It may feel like irritation, but this can be used to kick-start something, or to finish it.

The impetus carries through to Wednesday 14 September.

The next two days (15-16 September) can bring a focus onto what aspects of the project/your situation hasn’t quite worked. Often this re-evaluation can lead to further refinements and improvements.

The following two days (Saturday-Sunday 17-18 September) then open up with some quirky creative unpredicted twists. It is often these twists that bring a situation to life. Perhaps a good time to socialise for some surprising inputs. Or a good time to seek out influences that can provide an unusual perspective. Whatever you do, give yourself every chance to get of your usual routine this weekend. Exploring abstract art, or avant-garde art would be totally in tune with this weekend’s influences. As would doing this with a good friend or partner.

Mercury, as mentioned, ends its present retrograde phase on Thursday 22 September. While it is, in effect, shifting from reverse, to neutral, to forward gear, in practical terms (against the backdrop of the zodiac) it is going virtually nowhere for a day. If the flow of communication slows for you around this time, don’t be surprised. Perhaps it is a good time to find that still point in your life, and spend some time in reflection or meditation before the next forward surge.

This still point coincides fairly closely with the equilibrium of the day and night, with the sun reaching its equinox just after midnight on Friday 23 September. This is the time when the Sun enters Libra, the sign of balance, symbolised by the Scales.

On Saturday 24 September Venus leaves Libra to enter Scorpio. So, while on one level we may be feeling more sociable and seeking poise and balance and harmony, on another level we may feel like enjoying a greater level of privacy and seclusion.

Even as the Sun approaches expansive Jupiter by Monday 26 September, Mars is ready to leave adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius only a day later.

So we have a mini series of energetic shifts to round out the end of the month, perhaps leading into a down-to-business feeling by the end of the month and into October.

Important footnote: the times indicated are for AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time. For other parts of Australia, adjust the times by a few hours, as needed. The exact hour is not so critical with the events mentioned.

Going Deeper

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