How well do you feel you understand your child?

Do you ever worry about being a good-enough parent?

As a Parent, how do you get to really understand your Child

  • before they can talk?
  • when they won’t talk?
  • when they can’t explain?

As a parent, isn’t it frustrating when your child can’t or won’t communicate with you the way you’d like them to?

When you look back on your own life, do you wish that your parents had understood you better while you were growing up – so that they could have supported your natural talents and abilities, and nurtured your dreams?

Do you ever wish you could understand your own children better, so that you can help them ultimately be more successful in life?

That’s what this report is about.

What others say about this report:

“The Child’s Horoscope for my daughter received just days ago was  one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. Not only was the insight a blessing and the accuracy as to who she is amazing but I am in awe  of how one can get such a document from a computer program.  Artificial intelligence combined with your knowledge and brilliance are truly a great asset to the world. I wish I could order one of your Child’s Horoscopes for every child I know. Thank you for the gift, the ease of ordering and the price and quickness.” –– Ms. N.G.

“Liz Greene has no peers where psychological astrology is concerned and this program really does capture her mind and insights to an astonishing degree. It is said that a computer can never replace an individual astrologer, but it is difficult to imagine an astrologer producing a report of this depth and quality by hand for less than ten times the cost. I recommend AstroIntelligence reports to most of my clients and often use them as an invaluable preliminary to my consultative work.” – The late Charles Harvey, author, DFAstrolS., past President of the Astrological Association and the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London.

“I got the Child’s Horoscope for myself, and I am an adult… I’ve always been haunted by my childhood years and always felt so lost… I never had the chance to ask my biological parents for understanding to be healed… and Liz Greene did it for me… I feel as if I could relax now and let things be… I can’t say anymore. Honestly, it was too emotionally touching I cried.” –– Ms. E.C.

A thoughtful Gift

Over the years, a number of our clients have given this report to their friends who have recently become parents. We have had the pleasure of hearing many stories of appreciation that flowed back to the giver of this gift.

We believe, as we’re sure every parent does, that every child is already an individual when they are born. They are not a generic ‘blank slate’ that parents and others simply make their mark upon. Each person, even as a child, already has something innate, inborn. We have seen through experience that astrology can speak to this – and this report can certainly stand the test of time in helping parents understand and support their children through the first 15 years of their life.

Whether you give this as a gift to friends, or as a gift to yourself and your own child, we believe that the rewards that can flow from this gift are simply immeasurable.

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Pages (approximate): 20–25 A4 pages

Author: Liz Greene

Available languages: English, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish

Price of report: $80 (postage included)

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