Do You Really Know Your Star Sign?

The commonly-used term ‘Star Sign’ refers to the Star in our own solar system: the Sun.

‘Star Sign’* therefore refers to the sign of the Sun at the time of your birth in terms of the tropical zodiac, which is used in western astrology.

If your ‘star sign’ is Aries, this means that the Sun was between 0 degrees and 30 degrees Aries at the precise time of your birth. While most people are clearly born in one sign or the other, in practice, it is worth double-checking when you are born close to the ‘cusp’ or the change-over from one sign to the next.

We have estimated up to 10% of people may think they were born under the wrong star sign to what they actually were

Despite the dates you may find published in newspaper star-sign columns, there is some significant variation in these ‘cusp’ dates due to the year-to-year variation in timing due to leap years, as well as the place (and hence the time zone) where you were born.

The software we use at AstroInsight takes these factors into account in calculating your chart accurately.


If you are born on the ‘cusp’ dates of any of the signs, it is possible that your ‘star sign’ is not the one you think it is. In this case, it is worth finding out by consulting an astrologer, as the sign of your birth Sun is one of the most significant clues to understanding your horoscope that most people can find out about without undertaking a deeper study of astrology.

After taking the variations due to time zones and the effect of leap years into account, these are the true dates for each ‘Star Sign’:

Aries: 20–21 March to 19–21 April

Taurus: 19–21 April to 20–22 May

Gemini: 20–22 May to 20–22 June

Cancer: 20–22 June to 22–24 July

Leo: 22–24 July to 22–24 August

Virgo: 22–24 August to 22–24 September

Libra: 22–24 September to 22–24 October

Scorpio: 22–24 October to 21–23 November

Sagittarius: 21–23 November to 21–23 December

Capricorn: 21–23 December to 19–21 January

Aquarius: 19–21 January to 18–20 February

Pisces: 18–20 February to 20–21 March


Looking at Aries, for example, if you were born on 20 or 21 March or 19, 20 or 21 April, there is a possibility that your ‘star sign’ is not Aries, depending on your time and place of birth. Likewise for the other signs as well. If, however, you were born from 22 March to 18 April your ‘star sign’ is definitely Aries.

You are more than your Star sign

No astrologer is under the illusion that there are only 12 types of people in the world.

While your Sun Sign is important, and may describe many things about you, it does not capture the full picture of your personality, your inner struggles, your dreams, your relationship hopes, and the potential of your complete horoscope. For a deeper insight into these questions, we consult the full horoscope, not just the Sun sign.

It is only through a consultation with an astrologer that the true depth of astrology’s insights can be  realised.

*Astrologers generally use the term ‘Sun sign’ instead of ‘star sign’ to talk about the sign of your Sun as distinct from the sign of your Moon, Ascendant or other significant points and planets in your horoscope.

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